Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Interviews with Syren and Support-a-Priestess

I've participated in two interviews over the last month, and realized I should share them on my blogs. That's a thing people do, right? Here you go.

Voices of the Sacred Feminine

I was on Voices of the Sacred Feminine with Rev. Dr. Karen Tate on September 23, 2015.

If clicking on the image above does not work, you can listen on the Blogtalk website here. This interview was audio only.

In this interview, I gave tribute to Shekhinah Mountainwater, discussing her life and work and what she meant to me as a woman and priestess. I shared about the creation of the Shekhinah Mountainwater Memorial Fund. We also delved into the political realm and discussed politics within Paganism, capitalism, and patriarchy. I shared about the other projects I am involved with, Gods&Radicals: A Beautiful Resistance and Many Gods West.

The interview was great fun and very interesting! Be sure to check out the vast library of archived interviews on Voices of the Sacred Feminine.

A Gathering of Priestesses

On October 21st I appeared on A Gathering of Priestesses with co-hosts Gloria Taylor Brown and Kathryn Ravenwood.

This discussion was a bit more personal - we talked about what led me to the path of a priestess, what being a priestess means to me, and some of the work that I do. (Who can discuss all of the work that makes up their life in one interview?!) :) We talked about the goals of the Shekhinah Mountainwater Memorial Fund, founding the Mother Grove Goddess Temple, and how my role as a priestess intersects with my other projects.

I was feeling a bit under the weather, but the discussion was still full of laughs. Gloria refers to the YouTube channel as "Priestess On Demand"! She has featured some amazing women.

A Poignant Question


At the end of the interview, Gloria asked me how the community could support me - I do so much supporting others, how can I be supported?

Isn't that the question! I didn't have a response, though it is something that is continually on my mind. Much of the work I do is behind the scenes: birthing and nurturing projects and helping others address questions of structure and dynamics, or local community-based service to people and place. My work is quiet, radical, and essential. It is not flashy. It is not even that eloquent. It doesn't earn me any name recognition (such as it is, within our communities). And it is still very hard and consumes untold hours of my time.

I'm currently taking a risk by choosing to be unemployed to continue pursuing my work. I'm dedicating more time to my writing and to supporting others. But as things stand right now, I'm not going to be able to do that for very long. I've considered the idea of crowdfunding and patronage, but there's the catch. I currently have little to "offer" to patrons, no "collateral" to point to as evidence of my personal work and ambition, and am far too busy to begin amassing a portfolio.

I'm still wrestling with the question of how to support the work that I do. I am going to take one step forward, however. I've placed a PayPal button on this blog. If you feel called to drop in a tip in support of the work that I do, in and outside of this blog, I would be eternally grateful. I'll contact you personally and offer a little something as a gift.

Until we can create a world that is out from other the thumb of capitalism, and in which all people receive an Unconditional Basic Income, we have to find ways to continue supporting one another and the work that we do. That is what I dedicate much of my time to. I hope you'll consider supporting me in return.

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