Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Prayer to Hekate

Prayer to Hekate

written by Syren

Samhaintide in the Year of our Goddess 10,009

Ancient One,

You who were created from darkness,

born from the womb of nothingness

Hekate, Mostly Lovely One,

to You I pray.

Guardian of Crossroads

You who sees what came before, what is, and what lies ahead

Propolos, guide me on my path.

Keeper of the Keys

Protectress of the ancient wisdom

I pray to thee, as your daughter

Most Magnificent Goddess

Phosporous One, bare your torch for me.

Through you, I face my fears

Guiding me into ever greater depths,

until you stand with me at the final mystery.

Hekate Soteira

Goddess, Savior

It is in honor of you that I pray.

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