Friday, May 1, 2009

Beltane - First Blood

Now is the time when the Earth unfolds;
opening herself.
The auric green glow of fresh, young leaves send us into ecstatic revelry.
Her blossoms reach out, begging to be pollinated.

In the mysteries of wombyn, this is the time when the Maiden Goddess first communes with her own creative power.
She feels her sensual, fertile self, and begins her transition into the Mother.

This corresponds to a young woman's First Blood. Her Menarche opens the doorway from childhood to adulthood. She becomes virgin; whole until herself.
She now knows the power of blood; her capability of creation and her capacity for destruction.
She begins to sense her own sexuality. And she opens to all of the possibilities, and responsibilities, of being a wombyn.

So, if you are a woman, take this time to think back to your menarche. What was this time like for you? How do you feel about your moontime now? Are you able to express your sexuality, your creativity? If you have a daughter, did you or will you help her to honor this important rite of passage?

If you are a man, how do you treat the women in your life, especially around the time of their moon? Do you honor your own cycles of the Goddess within you?

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